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Stanly County, NC

1000 N 1st St, Ste 19, Albemarle, NC, 28001, US


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PRECINCT OFFICIAL POSITIONS: Each precinct is appointed one Chief Judge and two Judges. Appointments are made in August of odd-numbered years for a two year term. The Chief Judge and one Judge are typically the party of the sitting Governor and the other Judge is of the opposite party (Unaffiliated voters are appointed if a position cannot be filled by a partisan official).  Assistants are appointed in pairs (one of each political party) by election as needed. Please read the brief descriptions below before choosing the positions you would be willing to work.

  • Chief Judges

Manages the precinct supplies security, transport, and precinct set-up. Oversees precinct officials and voting. Minimum Pay $310.00

  • Judges

Works at the Ballot, Exit, and Information Stations. Judges assist the Chief Judge with verifying supplies, challenge hearings, and official documents. Minimum Pay $180.00 

  • Assistants

Technical knowledge at a level to work the Voter Check-in and Help Station laptops including typing, printing reports, and changing ink cartridges. Assistants also conduct curbside voting and may assist with ballots in a Presidential Election. Minimum Pay $180.00

  • Emergency Assistants

Work when an emergency situation causes an appointed official to  be unable to fulfill his/her duties. These positions are filled by Unaffiliated voters. Emergency Assistants must attend training classes for all positions. Minimum Pay $180.00 

  • One-Stop Workers - $10.25 per hour

Appointed by election as needed. Technical knowledge at a level to work the Voter check-in laptop, Ballot Station Scanner, or Help Desk laptop, including data entry.  Available mornings and/or evenings for three weeks prior to each Election.

  • Rovers - $10.25 per hour + mileage reimbursement for travel expense

Appointed by election as needed to handle technical issues with voting equipment including the ballot counter, accessible voting machines, laptops, barcode scanners, cell phones, and other items as required. This includes data transfer, technical trouble shooting and support. Must have a valid driver’s license and a vehicle large enough to transport voting equipment if needed.

  • Multi-partisan Assistance Team (MAT) Members - $10.25 per hour + mileage reimbursement for travel expense

Appointed by election as needed to provide assistance to people at assisted living facilities in registering to vote, applying for an absentee ballot, and completing an absentee ballot.  Must have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license. Available at various times for three months before an election for two to three hours per facility visit.


Primary, March 3, 2020: Training Date Range: January 21st through February 22nd
Second Primary, April 21st or May 12th (if applicable)
General Election, November 2, 2020: Training Date Range: September 22nd through October 17th

I am applying for the position(s) of (check all that apply):

All Precinct Officials will be required to

  • attend 2 hour training sessions (2 or 3 sessions may be required)
  • have their own transportation to and from the polling place on Election Day
  • work from 6:00 am until at least 8:00 pm
  • lift 30 pounds
  • assist with setting up the precinct the night before

Are you able to fulfill the Precinct Official requirements listed above?

Are you willing to work out side the Precinct you live in?

Select the items you are comfortable using:

One-Stop Early Voting Position Information

All One-Stop Early Voting Officials will be required to

  • attend additonal training sessions specfic to One-Stop Early Voting
  • have their own transportation to and from the One-Stop Early Voting site
  • work all weekdays during the early voting period
  • lift 30 pounds
  • assist with set up before early voting begins

Are you able to fulfill the One-Stop Early Voting Official requirements listed above?

Which One-Stop Early Voting Site location would you be willing to work at (check all that apply):

What station would you be willing to work at the One-Stop site? (check all that apply)

Election Day Rover Information

All Rovers are required to

  • posses a valid drivers license
  • have reliable transportation with the capacity to transport voting equipment (mid sized car or larger)
  • attend a 2 hour training class
  • Visit and inspect their assigned polling places the night before the election

Are you able to fulfill the Rover requirements listed above?


Persons appointed to these positions must be registered voters and residents of the county, of good repute, and able to read and write. Not more than one judge in each precinct shall belong to the same political party as the chief judge. No person shall be eligible to serve as a precinct official who is a candidate for nomination or election. No person shall be eligible to serve as a precinct official who holds any office in a state, congressional district, county or precinct political party or political organization, or who is a manager or treasurer for any candidate or political party, provided however that the position of delegate to a political party convention shall not be considered an office for the purpose of this subsection. The following categories of relatives are prohibited from serving as officials of the same precinct: spouse, child, spouse of a child, sister or brother. No precinct official who is the wife, husband, mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister of any candidate for nomination or election may serve as precinct official during any primary or election in which such candidate participates. The Board of Elections may remove you as a precinct official for misbehavior or neglect of duty.

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