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Stanly County, NC

1000 N 1st St, Ste 19, Albemarle, NC, 28001, US


Public Spay and Neuter Request Form

Public Spay Neuter Prices 2024

All animals must have a current rabies vaccine, and the owner must show proof of a current vaccination certificate. If proof is not provided, you will be required to pay for another vaccine.

Community/ Feral Cats

$55 (must be transported in trap, must get ear clipped, rabies included)



Spay (female)

Neuter (male)

49 lbs or less- $115

49 lbs or less- $95

50-74 lbs- $130

50-74 lbs- $115

75 lbs or larger- $150

75 lbs or larger- $130



Spay (female)

Neuter (male)




                        Dogs                                                                           Cats

Heartworm Test- $30


Bordetella- $20

Feline Distemper Vaccine- $20

Canine Distemper/ Parvo Vaccine- $20

Feline Leukemia Vaccine- $20


Rabies Vaccine - $25                                         Microchip - $25  


Pre-OP Blood Work (must complete if pet is over 6 years) - $80


If your pet is cryptorchid, has a hernia, is in heat, and is pregnant (not applicable to community cats); there will be an extra charge of up to $50 that must be paid before picking up your pet.


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Please list all animals that you are interested in getting altered. 

If you have more than 3 animals needing to be altered you will need to fill out another request form. 

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Animal 2

Animal 3

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