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Stanly County, NC

1000 N 1st St, Ste 19, Albemarle, NC, 28001, US


Public Information Request

A separate form must be used for each different type of information request. Requests are processed Friday of each week in the order they are received.

Requests involving research, scanning, or making copies of physical documents, or requests received within two weeks before or after an election, may take up to 2 weeks to precess. 

Requests involving a large amount of printing or copies must be paid for prior to completion. 

Staff will contact individuals by email or phone, with any questions or notice of a delay in processing the request. 

The following disclaimer applies to all information provided from a request: To the best of my knowledge, all NON-CONFIDENTIAL requested information in my custody or possession has been provided. 

Requester's Information

Full Name

Fee Schedule

Information provided and fees charged are compliant with G.S. 163-82.10. Fees collected in Excss of $50.00 must be paid by check or money order. 

The following fee schedule shall be used to determine charges for all information requests. 

Type of Request Fee Per
Black & White Copies $.05 page/side
Color Copies $.10 page/side
Printed Labels $.30 page/side
Printed List $.05 page/side
USB Drive $5.00 each
Maps 11"x14" $.20 each
Maps 8.5"x11" $.10 each
Emailed Free  

Sample BallotsUp to 10 sample ballots will be provided to each candidate, group, & political party chair free of charge. Additional copies shall be provided at a cost of $.30 per sample ballot. Upon request a voter will be provided a sample ballot at no charge.

Information being requested

Provide a detailed description of the information you are requesting.

Include specific information such as jurisdiction (precincts, municipalities, etc.), party affiliations (Republican, Democrat, Unaffiliated, etc), and election year or election type.

Select the type of format you would like the information provided:


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